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As Co-Managing Editor, I'm pleased to announce the launch of RockPaperPoem, a new online poetry journal.

RockPaperPoem was built by poets for poets. With your poems to showcase, we want to see our new creation become the next big thing in online poetry journals. Please visit us at and submit your poems for consideration.


Clocking Out

The metal gray time-clock seemed to monitor every movement. Its glassy face never blinked as it belled interruptions through the day.


He looked troubled as the request came over the intercom. Blind and deaf, he didn’t hear the flight attendant or see the girl who pressed the call button and said she could sign.

COVID Wing—Day 97

Lines on her face trace the straps she curls over her ears...

A Bookmark in Her Bible

The family photo Mother wanted. My parents and five siblings dress in ill-fitting suits...

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